Powder-Me SPF30 Sunscreen-Take Care and Protect yourself!


SPF 30 DRY SUNSCREEN IS RECOMMENDED BY THE SKIN CANCER FOUNDATION AS A UVA/UVB SAFE SUNSCREEN!!  Evelyn is celebrating skin cancer awareness month by offering her clients 20%off Powder-Me SPF 30 Sunscreen! This product comes in 3 shades and is non-greasy and non-chemical. Read more below from Evelyn to find out more about natural mineral sunscreens.

Clients are always asking me what I recommend as a safe mineral sunscreen and I have found this to be the best product yet! It’s not sticky and white like traditional liquid mineral sunscreens and it creates a safe reflective barrier on the skin to protect you from the sun’s rays. As I test all of my products extensively, I carried my Powder-Me SPF to a canoe outing last weekend. I applied it all over my body, face, ears, scalp and especially on top of my legs (sitting in a canoe for 1.5hrs in direct sun!!) and I came away with no redness or burning. I tend to burn in about 10min in the sun, so this was quite a feat!

I am extending the sale for the entire month of June so that my clients have a chance to experience this wonderful product. Please come in and test this beautiful SPF30 Sunscreen for yourself! ….Warm wishes, Evelyn

Join Evelyn’s Facebook fans and “like” her page for more specials on all SPF products this summer!


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