30% off Dr.Hauscka Facial Care and Jane Iredale Makeup!

Hello Dear Friends!

Spring is in the air and both Dr.Hauschka and Jane Iredale are coming out with new packaging! So let’s have a big old sale!!

and it’s big this time – 30% off on all DR.HAUSCHKA FACIAL CARE (That means all with apricot band and regenerating products) and 30% off JANE IREDALE PRODUCTS – Until the end of MARCH. This is indeed the biggest sale we have had at the studio…so enjoy it while supplies last.

We are also having a TWO SPA SPECIALS:
First – COME IN FOR THE NEW ONE HOUR DR.HAUSCHKA FACIAL before the end of MARCH and receive a FREE CLAY MASK REFILL. This product equals a $40 value…and it’s perfect for cleansing and gently exfoliating the skin for spring.
Second: Come in for a mineral makeover by the end of MARCH, and qualify to get a free pressed powder that matches your skin tone! An easy way to travel with your SPF 20 sunscreen in a pretty compact powder case.This is a $52 value product.

I hope you are finding this beautiful weather and inspiration for self care! Green blessings to all.

EvelynFall '06 Brunette FINAL D0FS1226R

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