New Certified Organic Skincare & Facials

Intelligent Nutrients: Introducing our new Organic Skincare Line and Facial Treatments
A Note From Evelyn

Non-Toxic Organic Products that work for you and the Planet are what we are about at Evelyn Braddock Holistic Skincare. As all of you know I am an ingredient junkie and natural ingredients are a prerequisite to any product that I recommend. I have tested and researched many lines and Intelligent Nutrients has passed with flying colors. Effective, organic, safe, nourishing and what a beautiful scent! Serums, gentle scrubs, detoxifying glycolic gel, renewing oils and so much more!
Cheers, Evelyn

Certified Organic Cell Renewal Facial
60 minutes     $110
The Intelligent Nutrients 60 Minute Facial gives back that resilient glow and vitality to the skin. Antioxidants, Plant Stem Cells, and Algae Bioactives nourish, revive and lift skin, leaving a rejuvenated look and feel.
Certified Organic Radiance Facial
30 Minutes     $55
The Intelligent Nutrients 30 Minute Facial consists of a deep cleansing, mild exfoliation and a serious supply of antioxidants all of which help to balance, reduce inflammation, hydrate and tone, allowing you skin’s natural light to shine.

BOOK BY OCT 7th and get $15 OFF your Intelligent Nutrients Facial

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